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We Buy Incredible Businesses.

We are Fort Worth, TX-based entrepreneurs, operators, and investors that purchase businesses with the intent of running them for decades to come. You've built an incredible legacy, we want it to continue. 


Our Vision

We started Clearfork Capital Partners with the goal to provide a better solution when selling your business. We strive to be trusted buyers with simple and straightforward terms. We make decisions quickly and move efficiently, never dragging out the process or stringing owners along. Most importantly, we seek to operate companies long-term. We believe in being a steward of the local economy and protecting the legacy of what the owner has built. Doing business the right way, with the right people. 

Our Goal

Selling your business can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. We want to provide the local economy with the exit capital they deserve but more importantly the peace of mind that what they've built is going to be taken care of. We have a fast, simple, and friendly process that focuses on being honest and straightforward while avoiding complex structures and private equity jargon. 

About Us



The History

We focus on companies with 10+ years of operating history, 3+ years of profitability, recurring revenues, and a loyal customer base. 

The People

We believe that good employees are the straw that stirs the drink. We understand the value of taking care of loyal employees and seek to do business with people that take care of their own. 


Financial Criteria

We're opportunistic and pride ourselves on not limiting the scope of our business, however, our sweet spot typically falls between $300k - $2,000,000 in annual earnings. 

The Industry

Our entrepreneurial and operational history gives us the confidence to look all over the spectrum. We do have a preference for business services, manufacturing, and real estate adjacent businesses. If it's not a fit for us, chances are we can put you in touch with the right person. 

Summary Criteria

  • Enduringly profitable

  • Loyal customers

  • $300k - $2mm in earnings

  • Work with good people, take care of employees

  • Preference for business service and manufacturing

  • 10+ years of operating history



We want to meet you. Coffee on us. 

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